2-Year Plan

AAUW-LC 2 Year Focus Areas 2020-2022

By June 2021, LC Branch will be engaged in AAUW and AAUW New Mexico Strategies including Education & Training, Economic Security, Leadership & Governance & Sustainability in order to advance the AAUW Mission.

    • Education and Training
      Girls Can:  Strong and Sustainable
      Tech Trek:  Increase Participation and Contributions
      Childhood Enrichment (STEM):  Community Collaboration
      Voter Education:  Support Voter Registration
    • Leadership
      Women Students: 
      Increase AAUW Participation Opportunities
      Legislative Advocacy:  Increase Branch Advocacy
    • Economic Security
      Pay Equity:  Promote Work Smart and Equal Pay Day
      Scholarships:  Increase Branch Scholarships & Monitor NMSU Endowed Scholarship
    • Governance and Sustainability
      Branch Governance: 
      Recruit, Retain & Mentor New Leaders
      Align Branch with AAUW Goals and Plans:  Present 5-Star Program for Implementation